Our Social Contribution Projects

1)  Recommendation to bring your own bottle

We recommend that you bring your own bottle.Please tell us that you brought your own bottle at the store. Our staff will clean it once before serving you matcha or tea.


2)  Street clean-up and trash pick-up in Tsukiji

In Tsukiji Outer Market, where there are many stores as a food town, many people have a hard time finding a place to dispose of their garbage. We promote the active pick-up of your trash and regular street clean-up.


3)Support for The Red Dot School

The Red Dot School is a bridge between various communities of practice in the field of architecture. They offer online and in-person studio courses that connect designers around the world, explore old and new technologies, and dream up possible futures.

The organizers, Nao and Momoko, are also our design-build partners.

We assist university students and other youth in their growth and development.