We use Japan Post's EMS or Small Packets(Air) to ship to most parts of the world.

Small packages (up to 2.0 kg) can be sent more cheaply than EMS. However, small packages are not treated as recorded mail because they are regular mail, the same as letters and postcards.

Please note that since we ship internationally, we will ship within 5 business days of receiving your order, but it may take a considerable amount of time for delivery to reach you.


International shipping charges



-0.5kg ¥1360/ -1.0kg ¥1960 / -1.5kg ¥2560/ -2.0kg ¥3160

2)Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe

-0.5kg ¥1730/ -1.0kg ¥2630 / -1.5kg ¥3530/ -2.0kg ¥4430

3)United States (including Guam and other overseas territories)

-0.5kg ¥2170/ -1.0kg ¥3220 / -1.5kg ¥4270/ -2.0kg ¥5320

4)Latin America (excluding Mexico) and Africa

-0.5kg ¥2090/ -1.0kg ¥3390 / -1.5kg ¥4690/ -2.0kg ¥5990


As of October 2023


For packages weighing 2.0 kg or more, the amount will be automatically calculated and displayed when you proceed to checkout.







関東・南東北・信越・北陸・東海 ¥935税込

北東北・近畿 ¥1045税込

中国・四国 ¥1210税込

北海道・九州 ¥1430税込

沖縄 ¥1914税込