1.What is the difference between Matcha and green tea powder?

 Matcha is the powdered Tencha tea *1. It is ground in a stone mill. Green tea powder is the powdered green tea.

 *1 Tencha tea is like Gyokuro (high quality green tea). Tencha is shaded before harvest. And after steaming, dry in Tencha-ro(a special furnace for Tencha). It has rich in umani by preventing direct sunlight. The umami of Matcha is a very important in evaluation standard.


2.What is the benefit of Matcha?

 Matcha has some health benefits. It is as a form of powder which is able to ingest the whole tea leaves. When you drink it, you can take in all benefits from the boost beverage.

 -Obesity prevention

 Matcha contains Catechin, helps burn fat, boost metabolism and weight loss.

-Antiaging/Antioxidant effect

 Catechins, which are a group of polyphenols and component of bitterness and astringency, remove active oxygen, accelerates aging and causes cancerous and lifestyle disease. Matcha is rich in Catechin.

 -Relaxation effect

 Matcha contains Theanine, produces the sweetness and umami in tea. It puts you in calm and peaceful, so you feel relaxed and tap into Zen feeling when you make Matcha.


3.Does Matcha contain any caffeine?


Yes. Matcha generally contains the Caffeine.

 -Usucha 2g / 70ml / 80℃ →Caffeine 64mg

 -Coffee  10g/100ml /100   →Caffeine 60mg

Excerpt from Japan Food Safety Commission.


4.How long and how can I keep Matcha powder?

 Our Matcha is specially filled with Nitrogen to maintain the quality of Matcha powder. After opening once, it is better to consume in about 90days. Always keeping tightly and keep away from light, heat, air and moisture to prevent oxidation.


5.Where can I buy MATCHA STAND MARUNI’s products?

Official online store and MATCHA STAND MARUNI Tokyo Tsukiji.