Matcha green tea powder 200g×30pacs-1c/s -Culinary Grade-  For Cafe and Patisserie or any business use. - MATCHA STAND MARUNI
Matcha green tea powder 200g×30pacs-1c/s -Culinary Grade-  For Cafe and Patisserie or any business use. - MATCHA STAND MARUNI

Matcha green tea powder 200g×50pacs-1c/s -Culinary Grade- For Cafe and Patisserie or any business use.

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Really good smooth Matcha Green Tea 100% pure.

If you are looking for Matcha at your store like cafe or cake shop or bakery , please consider our ORGANIC MATCHA.


for wanting to make sweetness with matcha taste and flavor 

for making Matcha latte



This c/s sales for Cafe and Patisserie or any business use.

1,Please be sure to specify the store name or corporate name when checking out.

2,You may be required to show the importer when accepting the product. Basically, we will deliver using DHL, so when you order, you may be asked by yourself to DHL in your home country about importers and customs duties.

Please note.




  • Matcha green tea powder from Kagoshima.
  • Good sweetness and aroma are a feature of this Matcha.
  • 100% Japanese pure matcha.
  • Without pesticides.


For wanting to make sweetness with matcha taste and flavor 

For making Matcha latte


-Product details-

  • 200g Pouch×50packs
  • 2400JPY cost per 1 pack  40%OFF
  • expired untill 360days (Do not open)

-about expiration- This product is specially filled with nitrogen for maintaining the quality of matcha powder. It has a role to prevent oxidation, therefore it is possible to make it last longer. After opening, close the zip tightly and consume in about 90 days.


-Recommended for-

Koicha    ★

(Thick Matcha tea)

Usucha    ★

(Light Matcha tea)

Milk Latte   ★★

(Cow milk, Soy milk , Almond milk etc)

Beverages ★★

(Smoothies, Cold brew tea etc)

Sweets     ★★★

(Cakes, Cookies/Biscuits, Chocolates etc)

We have a sister store, Maruni Store at our local town Ichikawa city. Sweets patissier makes go well with coffee every day.



・Matcha pound cakes with dry fruits・ 

Mix with butter,sugar.eggs and matcha powder and flour.

At this time mixed with organic white figs.

and mix well well :)

And pouring the ingredients into the cake mold, bake at 160 degrees for about 50 minutes.

matcha cakes :)


A. butter 150g, sugar 150g, egg 150g, honey syrup 15g.

B. flour 135g, matcha 15g, baking powder 5g.

C. white fig 100g,

D. cashew nuts 10g.


1,  Mix the ingredients of A well.

2, Sieve the flour well and mix with matcha powder.

3, Mix A and B and C well using a spatula.

4, Pouring the ingredients into the cake mold, and put clashed cashew nuts on the top.

5, bake at 160 degrees for about 50 minutes.


1.What is the difference between Matcha and green tea powder?

 Matcha is the powdered Tencha tea *1. It is ground in a stone mill. Green tea powder is the powdered green tea.

 *1 Tencha tea is like Gyokuro (high quality green tea). Tencha is shaded before harvest. And after steaming, dry in Tencha-ro(a special furnace for Tencha). It has rich in umani by preventing direct sunlight. The umami of Matcha is a very important in evaluation standard.


2.What is the benefit of Matcha?

 Matcha has some health benefits. It is as a form of powder which is able to ingest the whole tea leaves. When you drink it, you can take in all benefits from the boost beverage.

 -Obesity prevention

 Matcha contains Catechin, helps burn fat, boost metabolism and weight loss.

-Antiaging/Antioxidant effect

 Catechins, which are a group of polyphenols and component of bitterness and astringency, remove active oxygen, accelerates aging and causes cancerous and lifestyle disease. Matcha is rich in Catechin.

 -Relaxation effect

 Matcha contains Theanine, produces the sweetness and umami in tea. It puts you in calm and peaceful, so you feel relaxed and tap into Zen feeling when you make Matcha.


3.Does Matcha contain any caffeine?


Yes. Matcha generally contains the Caffeine.

 -usucha 3g / 80ml / 80℃ →Caffeine 9mg

 -coffee  10g/150ml /100   →Caffeine 42mg

The content of Matcha is slightly less than that of coffee.


4.How long and how can I keep Matcha powder?

 Our Matcha is specially filled with Nitrogen to maintain the quality of Matcha powder. After opening once, it is better to consume in about 90days. Always keeping tightly and keep away from light, heat, air and moisture to prevent oxidation.

5.How was this Matcha made?

 Our products are made in Kyoto and its surrounding areas, green tea production is thriving. They are packed and processed in Makinohara Shizuoka prefecture, stocked and sold by MATCHA STAND MARUNI.


6.Where can I buy MATCHA STAND MARUNI’s products?

Official online store and MATCHA STAND MARUNI Tokyo Tsukiji.