Green tea TEA BAG 緑茶 ティーバッグ 5g×15 lab. - MATCHA STAND MARUNI
Green tea TEA BAG 緑茶 ティーバッグ 5g×15 lab. - MATCHA STAND MARUNI

Green tea TEA BAG 緑茶 ティーバッグ 5g×15 lab.

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Green tea/ TEA BAG ティーバッグ

Ryokucha is easy to drink and widely consumed during meal and as a regular beverage.  Deep-steamed green tea is steamed longer than normal tea leaves, which breaks the cells of the leaves and makes it easier to extract sweetness.



-How to brew our tea-

・1bag  ・80℃(212°F)200ml ・Steep in pot 60sec



  • Green tea from Shizuoka.
  • Futures sweetness and umami.
  • Deep-steamed.
  • 5g×15

静岡県産 深蒸し茶のうまみとあまみが特徴


About us

Japanese tea community and lab.

is established by MATCHA STAND MARUNI's Japanese green tea program.


We regularly visit Japanese tea plants and factories to learn about tea from producers and manufactures. We think it is very important to learn about tea by touching the air at the production and processing sites.


Japanese tea is one of the good old Japanese cultures. It can be said that it is a soul drink that represents Japan, which makes you feel joy and happiness in the fact that the tea pillar (chabashira) stands, and was once popular in all people on a daily basis. When you think about it, there are no vending machines that do not sell tea, and it blends into our lives even today.


Japanese tea has been popular since ancient times in Japan. However almost young people who have a deep understanding of how to make and drink it is decreasing.



Scoop tea leaves from a tea can into a teapot (kyusu), pour hot water and wait for 30 seconds. In order for you to enjoy that time as well, we have carefully selected tea utensils and tools from the production area and have them in the shop.


We will convey the culture as well as the mission as a tea specialty store and the deliciousness of Japanese tea. Cherish the good old days. Japanese tea community and Lab. is a Japanese tea brand that was born to spread the good points of Japan to the next generation and overseas.




ちゃのわ 研究所は MATCHA STAND MARUNI による、日本茶を正しく普及するという企画から産まれました。定期的にお茶の生産地や製造者または加工者のもとに赴き、お茶について生産と加工の現場の空気に触れて学ぶことをスタッフとともにとても大切に考えています。




お茶専門店としての使命、日本茶の美味しさはもちろん、その文化を伝えていく。古き良きを大切に。ちゃのわ 研究所ではそんな日本の良いところを次の世代や海外へと普及すべく、誕生した日本茶ブランドです。